SE 03 EP 01

So today the new semester finally started off and I must say that I am pretty busy. I am taking 18 credit hours so it is to be expected but I had 4 classes just today. That was a little annoying. Though it is my own fault. Thankfully my classes seem pretty tame all together. The only problem I am going to have this semester is getting books. Hopefully my profs will understand that I can’t afford them. Rooming with my friend Kendall seems to be going okay too, so that is good.

After class I actually hung out with a few people and we started planning VotC and ST, our two video projects we have going on (more on those at a later date when they are closer to being released).

I am going to go watch a video and probably fall asleep here soon since I have to get to class pretty early. Thanks for reading!



Long time no post.

Why hello there blog readers, both family and random creepers. You may be wondering what the past, oh four months has held for me. Well the end of the semester set in super fast and I had to jump on preparations for finals. It came so fast I had no idea what to do. Those last few weeks were hectic and I didn’t even think of blogging to be honest. Now then, summer.

Oh summer, how I thought you were going to be wonderful. That wasn’t really true. My summer has been, uneventful. I either sit around or work at my new-found job, working at concession stands at fairs and events. While I haven’t done it much, I can’t really say that I enjoy it. The days are long and the weeks longer, and when we leave for far fairs we stay in a motel. Though, to be honest work is once or twice a month and I make an okay amount, coming out with around 500 dollars or so. Plus it lets me still relax when I am not working.

Actually, this Sunday I start working at the Knox County Fair, where I will be at Mount Vernon working 11 to 11 until Saturday night.

Oh! I also got a car. I didn’t pay for it, my dad did which was a surprise. Unfortunately I still don’t have my license so it is essentially useless right now. My last pay actually almost completely went into fixing it up. Granted, it only needed basic things like brakes and spark plugs. Its a pretty decent car too for what I got it for *ahem* free *ahem*. It’s a maroon or cranberry red 1990 Ford Tempo.

Well, I will be working on my license and working in general, and in about a month I will be heading back to school! Check back once in a while to see if anything has happend, as I may be updating once and a while through the rest of the summer.

Thanks for reading!




I woke up today thinking that the rain and the storm was going to be my only problem today. After all, I only had a whopping 2 classes and they were both easy as we did absolutely nothing.

After classes I just played some zelda and got relatively far  (or, further at least) and enjoyed it quite a bit, and maybe even more so because I, unlike outside, was dry. I chatted with a few people and then went and got food with Anthony. And became wet, but at least I was getting food with a buddy and we had a nice conversation about stuff. We both came back to my room and played some more zelda, after getting more wet of course.

After he left, I sent him a text with an inside joke about what we had just discussed. Shortly after, Kendall called and asked if I wanted to watch Heroes with him. Well, even though I have seen the whole first season, I accepted. Then, as I was there watching it with him and a friend Lindsay, tragedy struck. My phone died, and not just the battery, the whole screen. It started glitching and not working sometimes, and then it just stopped working. I can still make calls and receive calls, but I cannot for the life of me see anything. Just complete blankness, minus the backlight. What a tragedy! I cannot get a new one for another 6 months. Hopefully, I do not need a social life until then. Or the whole taking the battery out for the entire night will work. One of those things would be nice.

(also, while this is bad, it definitely isn’t a tragedy, that was a purposeful hyperbole)

Well, thanks for reading. I am going to go mourn the loss of my phone or something.




Alrighty, today I didn’t do too much to write about, but instead I am going to leave you with something different.

I did a ton of photography today in the greenhouse here on campus and thought I would share it. It will show you the work I did instead of describing it, and as we all know, show, don’t tell. 😛

It can be found here.

That is all, I am checking out for the night.




Today I recruited a few more people to the paranormal society a few friends and I are members of. A few of the people are new, so it should be interesting when we get an investigation lined up. Mainly, I am hoping to have a good time.

I did get an electromagnetic field detector, so that is cool. Plus it should help.

A good friend of mine, Ashley, decided she was going to start a blog. This excites me because I enjoy the way she writes and it would be cool to have a fellow blogger friend.

Anyways, today’s classes were a little shorter today. I finished Earth history lab early, and in 3 hour philosophy all I had to do was a test, which took about half an hour, so that drastically shortened that class.

A new episode of Destination Truth happened today as well, and I love that show. Josh Gates is my hero! He would be the first famous person I would want to meet in real life.

Also, just now learned that I will probably be doing photography for a friend’s fashion line for a habitat for humanity thingy, I will keep you guys posted.

Anyways, I am off here!

Thanks for reading!


Ants in a mac? Plus, spring break

Today was my first day back to school from spring break, for those of you who don’t know. Yes I enjoyed it but honestly there is only about a month left this semester in school and I want to get it over with. I had fun with my family while it lasted and watched a lot of the TV show Heroes which, by the way is really good.

But, that isn’t what I want to talk about today. My friend John was talking to me through Facebook, and suddenly jumped off. Later, I heard why.

Apparently his Macbook became infested with ants. He said they have colonized the innards of it and when he realized what had happened he freaked out and got off the computer. He also said that he felt like they were crawling all over him after he had seen what happened. I honestly thought it was amusing.

He has no idea what caused them, because he apparently doesn’t even eat near his computer, so they weren’t attracted by food. So, I did a little research and learned that some types of ants can be attracted to electro-magnetic fields. Apparently they can sometimes sense the electric current and be attracted by it. My hypothesis is that the ants sensed that and invaded.

Well, that is about all that was really interesting about today. Thank you all for reading!



I hate maths.

The title basically sums up my day. Its annoying when I have already learned all of this and now I actually am having a problem understanding it. “It” being trigonometry. But, whatever, it will get sorted out.

Geomorph lab wasn’t too bad this week and I finished it up on time today. Pretty excited about that. I can make a contour map or calculate the slope of any existing hill in the world. What I am going to do with this new found power, I have not yet decided.

So, paranormal investigations are likely going to start up again, and for that I am very excited. I think that this is the kind of hting I need to get things off of my mind.

I have still been going to the gym, every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I may start going on Saturdays as well… it all depends.

Well, Ghost Hunters is on and I would like to watch it for once, I haven’t in a very long time.

Thanks for reading!



Oh hai readers

I am back from my short leave of blogging. This time around I hope to try and keep it that way.

This semester has been pretty annoying so far. I have had a ton of work and less than desired willpower. Its horrible, and the lack of sun here in Kent, Ohio hasn’t helped.

Today it was overcast and gloomy and was supposed to be warm. However, that was a big lie on the meteorologists’ part. I had to do the quick walk back to tri after math, which wasn’t so fun.

After all of the excitement of class today, Anthony and I hung out for a bit and I watched the NLP movie Shanger. I liked it. A lot. He, however, wishes he never would have made it.

I am currently trying to help my mother write an entry to an annotated bibliography that is due tomorrow, so I am going to jump off here.

Thanks for reading!



Rising Procrastination

I have not been doing a ton of blogs lately, and it is partially due to procrastination and partially due to the amount of work I have to do. Though, mainly it is because of the laziness.

Not much has been going on though to be honest. Anthony and I took a trip to the Exchange today so he could get a few movies and we hung out for a little while.

Filming for Summer Terror 5 is allegedly happening today or has already happened. Which is good because it needs to be done.

Honestly, I have a lot of work to do tonight but Iam going to wait until a little later because I have no desire to do any work, and I haven’t this entire week.

In fact, I am going to go now. Sorry about making it so short, but I just don’t feel like typing everything out today. Tomorrow it will resume. In its entirety.